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Individualized Performance

Industrial furnaces require customization to maximize performance and efficiency. That is why Noble Industrial Furnace designs each furnace to your specifications. By taking careful consideration of the purpose, location, and elements of the furnace, Noble Industrial Furnace provides each client with a superior, long-lasting system performing at or above client demands.

Turn Key Approach


After consulting with a client, Noble provides customized furnace designs that incorporate the needs of the client. Once the furnace concept and drawings have been accepted, work begins and Noble takes over the project until its completion. All aspects of the construction, installation, testing and training of the furnace are handled by Noble Industrial Furnace. Only when the client’s end users are up and running does Noble consider the job complete.

From concept to construction, to testing and training, Noble is committed to utilizing the best components available. Only the latest & most efficient burner systems & controls in the industry are integrated into each furnace.

Using only the most current technology, Noble is able to provide our clients with customized operator interfaces, programming, control systems, and CAD drawings. 

Each furnace is equipped with state of the art control systems including burner, process gas flow and flame safety systems.

Furnaces & ovens

vapor phase coating systems

bell furnaces

box furnaces

continuous furnaces

low temperature ovens

atmospheric furnaces

burnout ovens

belt furnaces

pit furnaces

car bottom furnaces

conveyor systems

fume incinerators

investment casting furnaces

part washers & dryers

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