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Restored Performance

Building a completely new industrial furnace or oven is a high cost investment, and is not always the best way to go. That is why Noble offers industrial furnace rebuilding. The main steel structure of an industrial furnace is extremely durable and built to last for decades. However, the internal components are continuously exposed to extreme variants and repetitive functioning. Over time these parts start to decrease in performance and safety concerns arise.

Review. Redesign. Restore.


After a careful review and inspection of an existing furnace, Noble provides clients with ways to improve the overall functionality, performance and safety of the furnace. By laying out an updated furnace design and giving each client options for how this can be done, a plan for restoring a furnace can be put into place incorporating minimal down time and budget constraints.

Technological advancements greatly impact the design and usability of the electrical, gas flow and control panel components of a furnace. Noble also provides upgrades of furnace controls with first-rate new or rebuilt panels, incorporating the lastest controllers and electrical components.

Noble is committed to staying informed of advances in process, workflow, markets and products in our industry. By maintaining strong connections with existing suppliers and continually seeking new ones, Noble refurbishes equipment using the best quality components transforming the furnace from outdated to state of the art.

Updating older furnaces and bringing them back online with improved performance and efficiency shows commitment to offering only the best to your customers. Updating older furnaces and bringing them back online with the highest in safety standards shows commitment to allowing only the safest and optimal work environments to your employees.


Simply provide a few details and Noble Industrial Furnace will contact you in 1 business day to get things started. Fill out the form online or download the pdf.

original furnace constructed in 1987

furnace in need of updating after 26 years

newly refurbished furnace

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